What Will the Region Do?

Ready to Respond

Read the Region of Peel Emergency Plan (ROPEP) (20 pages, 1MB)

The Region of Peel Emergency Plan (ROPEP) (20 pages, 1MB) explains what Peel Regional Council and Regional employees will do should an emergency occur in Peel.

ROPEP outlines:

  • The roles and responsibilities of Regional Council and Regional employees.
  • The notification process.
  • How an emergency is declared and terminated.

ROPEP is a "living document." This means it must:

  • Be reviewed every year to reflect changes in the Peel community.
  • Be practised each year. (Annual training and exercises ensures that Regional employees know how to put the plan into action.)

ROPEP is an "all hazards" emergency response plan, meaning that the Region is prepared to respond whether the cause of an emergency is deliberate, accidental, or natural.

Revised: Friday February 28 2020

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