M I N U T E S    PHC-2015-4

June 4, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Peel Housing Corporation met on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 8:39 a.m., in the Conference Centre, 1st Floor, Regional Administrative Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A, Brampton.

Directors Present: D. Austin; F. Dale; S. Elias; R. Mendis; C. Fonseca*; P. Palleschi; B. Shaughnessy; G. Miles
Directors Absent: V. Hall; G. Miles; E. Moore; C. Parrish
Also Present:
J. Menard, Commissioner of Human Services, Region of Peel; M. Mwarigha, General Manager; D. Bingham, Treasurer; J. Arcella, Deputy Treasurer, B. Colavecchia, Manager, Housing Operations and Tenancy Management; M. MacCrae, Manager, Housing Operations and Tenancy Management; P. O'Connor, Corporate Counsel; A. Macintyre, Corporate Secretary; C. Law, Deputy Corporate Secretary
* See text for arrivals
¨See text for departures

Chaired by President P. Palleschi



2.1. Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting (PHC-3/2015) meeting held on May 7, 2015

Moved by Director Elias,
Seconded by Director Mendis;

That the May 7, 2015 Peel Housing Corporation (PHC-3/2015) Board of Directors Meeting minutes be approved.

Carried 2015-24


Moved by Director Miles,
Seconded by Director Shaughnessy;

That the agenda for the June 4, 2015 Peel Housing Corporation Board of Directors meeting be approved.

Carried 2015-25


At 8:41 a.m., in accordance with section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, the following motion was placed:

Moved by Director Austin,
Seconded by Director Dale;

That the Board of Directors of Peel Housing Corporation proceed "In Camera" to consider a report relating to the following:

Carried 2015-26

Moved by Director Mendis,
Seconded by Director Elias;

That the Board of Directors of Peel Housing Corporation proceed out of "In Camera"

Carried 2015-27

The Board of Directors of Peel Housing Corporation moved out of closed session at 8:45 a.m.

4.1. Update on Bargaining (Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations)

Received 2015-28


5.1. Shareholder Direction
Presentation by Patrick O'Connor, Corporate Counsel

Received 2015-29

Director Fonseca arrived at 9:04 a.m.

Patrick O'Connor, Corporate Counsel, provided information regarding the relationship between Peel Housing Corporation (PHC) and the Council of the Region of Peel as sole shareholder of PHC. He noted that the Shareholder Direction is a formal expectation that the shareholder has for the PHC in how it conducts its business. He stated that this will be a friendly negotiation between the Board and Regional Council as the shareholder, and staff are hoping to have this direction finalized later this year.

In response to a question from Director Miles, Patrick O'Connor stated that any kind of division of authority or power between the two bodies could be spelled out in the Shareholder Direction.

Director Miles inquired as to whether there is a need for a Shareholder Directive. M.S. Mwarigha, General Manager, Peel Housing Corporation stated that it will be valuable since the Board and Regional Council are no longer the same membership. It necessitates allowing Regional Council to provide some input into its vision for Peel Housing Corporation.

In response to a question from Director Dale, Patrick O'Connor stated that the Regional Council, acting as sole shareholder, appoints the Board of Directors.

5.2. 2014 Peel Housing Corporation Investment Report

Received 2015-30


6.1. Dee Karski, Project Manager, Peel Housing Corporation, Providing an Update on Twin Pines

Received 2015-31

Dee Karski, Project Manager, Peel Housing Corporation, provided an update regarding consultations occurring with the residents of the Twin Pines housing site, and with their representative the Cedar Grove Residents' Association on the future Twin Pines redevelopment. She noted the timeline for redevelopment construction is set to start in approximately five years around the year 2020, and residents are generally reacting positively to the news. She further stated that staff are working with its consultants to provide further follow-up workshops and charrette-like exercises with residents this fall for further feedback.

In response to questions from Director Fonseca, Dee Karski stated that communication between staff and residents has been very productive, as has communication with the Cedar Grove Board. She also stated that communication information is being prepared for the surrounding communities so they understand more about the redevelopment to occur.

6.2. Tim Welch, Tim Welch Consultants (TWC), Regarding an Overview of the TWC Report on Financial Viability

Received 2015-32

Tim Welch, Tim Welch Consultants, provided a summary of a report that went to the Board near the end of 2014, outlining options for Peel Housing Corporation (PHC) to return to full financial viability. He emphasized that PHC is like most most of the housing providers in Canada. He stated that any viability strategy needs to recognize the unlikely possibility that upper levels of government will provide significant funding in the future, and rather PHC needs to think about options that can make it more self-sustainable in the long term. Options that the Board may look at in the future include increased long-term borrowing for capital, increased market rents where viable, and possible demolition and redevelopment at certain sites. He added that PHC can develop a holistic model for measuring the social benefits of continued investment in housing capital and subsidy.

Councillor Miles encouraged staff to investigate and test ideas popular in other regions such as the Scotland where similar re-inventions of the housing provider system have occurred due to shrinking investment by the upper level of government.


M.S. Mwarigha, General Manager, Peel Housing Corporation (PHC) provided Evelyn Cormier with formal recognition for her outstanding work ethic and friendly manner as a cleaner at Erindale Terrace for the past 17 years. He further noted that PHC staff have recently been positively recognized by the Region of Peel for its youth summer employment program. He advised that reports would be coming to the Board later this year on the topics of a tenant survey currently being administered, and a Board expense policy to be approved.

Bruno Colavecchia, Manager, Housing Operations and Tenancy Management advised the Board of a partnership with Habitat for Humanity called Sweat Equity and that he would be inviting Board members to take part in if they are available. He also noted that work regarding mould remediation at Creditbend Terrace is proceeding as scheduled.

MaryJo MacCrae, Manager, Housing Operations and Tenancy Management advised the Board that a report would be coming in the fall regarding an update on insurance claims for fires that have occurred in Peel Living buildings for 2015.





Thursday, September 3, 2015, 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Conference Centre, 1st Floor
Regional Administrative Headquarters
10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite A
Brampton, Ontario


The meeting adjourned at 10:56 a.m.



P. Palleschi
A. Macintyre