A by-law to provide for the preservation and destruction of documents and records of the Peel Non-Profit Housing Corporation and to repeal By-law Number 5-91.


WHEREAS section 129 of the Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter C.38, provides that the directors of a corporation may pass by-laws not contrary to the said Act or to the letters patent or supplementary letters patent to regulate the conduct in all particulars of the affairs of the corporation;

AND WHEREAS section 300 of the said Act provides that a corporation shall cause certain documents and registers to be kept;

BE IT ENACTED as a by-law of the Peel Non-Profit Housing Corporation, hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation", as follows:

1. That the provisions of By-law Number 63-92, as amended from time to time, or its successor by-law, of the Regional Municipality of Peel, shall apply, with necessary modifications, to Peel Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

2. That By-law Number 5-91 be repealed.


DULY PASSED AND ENACTED at a meeting of the directors of the Corporation duly held on this 13th August, 1992.