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All-day on-street parking in downtown Bolton - Region of Peel

On June 27, Peel Regional Council approved an all-day on-street parking pilot project in downtown Bolton. All day parking will be allowed on Queen Street from King Street to Mill Street.


Project update

Since it began in July 2019, downtown Bolton has seen some traffic diverted away from the core.

Areas for continued improvement on the pilot project include:

Why the pilot

Both safety and economic viability are concerns for downtown Bolton.  This pilot project will provide accurate data about whether all-day on-street street parking improves safety, increases the number of people actively using the downtown as well as how it impacts traffic. As well, diverting through-traffic to the Emil Kolb Parkway will benefit commuters, local residents and make better use of the roadway.

What will be monitored

The pilot project will monitor before and after data including:

Peel staff will monitor the operation and safety of the pilot project as it unfolds and may change signal timings, signage, pavement markings and lane configurations, as needed.

How will this impact you

What is the long term vision for downtown Bolton

The Bolton Transportation Master Plan guides the development of future transportation infrastructure in Bolton, as well as a vision and a set of recommendations specific to downtown Bolton, developed in consultation with the area's residents and businesses.

The ultimate solution is to repurpose the existing intersection and lanes to accommodate two vehicle travel lanes and cycling lanes in both the northbound and southbound directions, curb bump-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distances, and all-day on-street parking on the east side of Queen Street.


If you would like more information about the pilot project, please contact: 

Joe Avsec
Manager, Traffic and Sustainable Transportation
Transportation Division
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, ext. 7910