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Sexuality Info. for Teachers

Physical Changes
The Pituitary Gland and Hormones
Ovulation and Menstruation
Wet Dreams
Emotional Changes
Social Changes
Dealing with Changes

"Sex" and "sexuality": What's the difference?

When many people hear the word "sexuality", they often hear only the first syllable. However, sexuality is not the same as sex. Sexuality includes everything that defines us as girls and boys, women and men.  Teaching your students about sexuality requires more than simply explaining anatomy and reproduction - it means talking to them about relationships, families, parenthood and responsible decision-making. Sexuality encompasses our physical development, sexual knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviours. Sexuality is shaped not solely by our biology and psychology, but also by our culture, family history, education and experiences.  When you teach your students about sexuality, and not just about sex, you are giving them the skills they need to develop fulfilling relationships throughout their lives.

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Revised: July 03, 2008

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