Is It Love or Infatuation?

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What’s the difference between love and infatuation? 

People of all ages often get the two mixed up. It's hard to tell when you’re caught-up in the whirlwind of a new relationship!

A relationship between two people that starts as infatuation may grow into genuine love, but only if both partners share common beliefs and values. Do you need to be the same religion or nationality or have the same background? Definitely not, but you do need to be respected for your differences and agree on what’s important to both of you.

Love Signs

It’s probably love if…

  • When making decisions, you think of your partner as well as yourself.
  • You continue to grow as independent human beings while the relationship becomes stronger and deeper.
  • Your relationship develops slowly, naturally and sincerely.
  • There is honesty and trust between you.
  • Both of you accept that neither of you is perfect.
  • Each of you continues to foster other aspects of your life such as family, work, ideas and other friends.
  • Your relationship remains as strong in painful, difficult times as in happy times.

Infatuation Signs

It’s probably infatuation if…

  • The relationship happens suddenly, after meeting once or twice.
  • You depend on your partner to feel good about yourself.
  • One of you gets more out of the relationship than the other.
  • One of you is jealous of the other's activities or friends.
  • Your relationship is generally based on physical attraction.

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