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revised March 07, 2012

Low Birth Weight and Stillbirth Investigation 2010

The Low Birth Weight and Stillbirth Investigation 2010 Report describes the results of our investigation to assess the risk factors associated with low birth weight and stillbirth in Peel and to identify potential reasons for the differences seen in these outcomes between Peel and Ontario.

A complete copy of the report is available in PDF format: Full Report (PDF 1.5MB, 73 pages)
To save the PDF to disk, right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As..." from the menu.

Peel Health has also published several other reports on important health issues and trends in Peel.

Chapter 1: Reproductive Health in Peel
An accurate assessment of a population’s reproductive health requires examining many aspects of maternal and infant health. This chapter includes an overview of Peel’s crude birth rate, fertility rate and multiple birth rate, as well as a description of infants born in Peel (i.e., their birth weight and gestational age and their parents’ geographic region of birth).

Reproductive Health in Peel (PDF355KB, 13 pages)

Chapter 2: Low Birth Weight
Infants may have low birth weight (a birth weight less than 2,500 grams) for two reasons: they were born preterm (before 37 weeks gestation) or they experienced restricted fetal growth (measured as being small-for-gestational-age). This chapter examines the low-birth-weight rate across Peel, as well as its two component parts (preterm birth and small-for-gestational-age).

Low Birth Weight (PDF140KB, 17 pages)

Chapter 3: Stillbirth
Stillbirth is one of the most common adverse outcomes of pregnancy. Preliminary analysis suggested that stillbirth rates were higher in Peel compared to the rest of the province. This chapter includes an overview of the stillbirth rate in Peel and explores the possible reasons for the higher number of stillbirths in Peel at the lowest birth weights (less than 500 grams).

Stillbirth (PDF105KB, 6 pages)

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Revised: March 07, 2012

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