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revised July 26, 2007

Seniors' Health Report 2006

Arrow BulletCardiovascular Disease

  • Ischemic heart disease (IHD) and stroke (cerebrovascular disease) are leading causes of death among seniors in Canada. IHD and stroke accounted for 21% and 8% respectively of all deaths among Canadian seniors in 2001.

  • In 2003, ischemic heart disease was the second leading cause of emergency department visits for males and third leading cause for females among seniors living in Peel. In 2003, Ischemic heart disease was the leading cause of hospitalization among seniors in Peel and Ontario.

  • In Peel and Ontario, ischemic heart disease remains the leading cause of death among male and female seniors. Mortality rates for IHD declined between 1986 and 2001 in both Peel and Ontario by 45% and 38% respectively.

  • The hospitalization rates due to stroke among seniors decreased in both Peel and Ontario between 1995 and 2003.

  • The mortality rate for stroke decreased among seniors in both Peel and Ontario between 1986 and 2001 (27% and 18% respectively). In 2001, stroke was the second leading cause of death among female seniors and the third leading cause of death among male seniors in Peel.

Cardiovascular Disease (PDF 13 pages, 418KB)

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Revised: July 26, 2007

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