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Client Satisfaction, Trust, and Confidence survey results

Overall, Peel residents are satisfied with our customer care and service experience.

Last summer, we conducted our annual survey to measure satisfaction and trust and confidence. We received responses from over 2000 residents from across Peel.

Your responses told us that, overall, we’re doing a good job of delivering a positive service experience. Your responses also showed us where there’s room for improvement.

The following content outlines the survey’s highlights as well as areas we’ll be focussing on to improve.

Levels of satisfaction and agreement

Service delivery

Contact experience

Agreement with our service commitment statements

What Peel residents told us

COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Program

By and large you’re highly satisfied with our COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics. You told us that genuine caring and employee interaction was an important part of your service experience.

Community Recycling Centres (CRCs)

On the whole, you’re very satisfied with Peel’s CRCs. In particular, we’re doing a good job of clearly showing which waste materials go into which bin.

Waste curbside collection

Overall, you’re satisfied with curbside waste collection. Complaints are few and most are about messes left behind after collection or when collectors don’t return bins to the curb properly.

We’ll work to address this by holding our waste collection contractors responsible for following curbside waste collection standards.

Water billing

Our water billing portal launched in spring 2022. While it’s still new to the community, awareness continues to grow.

The vast majority of survey respondents prefer to pay bills through their bank’s website or though pre-authorized payments.

Water service

You told us there are opportunities to improve public awareness of water and water treatment research.

We’ll work to improve this awareness by providing more information about the odour, taste, and safety of Peel’s drinking water. We’ll also explore ways of sharing more about treatment research.

Contact experience by phone

Your feedback told us there’s an opportunity to improve how quickly we answer phone calls.

We’ll explore hiring more full-time employees to improve call wait times.

Contact experience through our website

You told us we need to advance our digital technologies to make accessing our services more convenient and faster.

We’re centering our efforts on providing useful digital information that you can quickly find online. We’re also turning our attention to making it easier to apply, register, or request information online for certain programs and services.

Trust and confidence in the Region of Peel

Public trust and confidence are important, since more trust leads to better engagement with the community and community partners.

The survey results revealed that the best path to greater community trust is by focussing on day-to-day employee interaction with the public (honesty, sincerity, respectfulness, accountability, and responsiveness).

While Region of Peel employees consistently demonstrate these behaviours, a more deliberate approach may be beneficial in increasing trust and confidence with the Region of Peel.

Confidence in our Service Commitments

In 2022, we introduced our updated Region of Peel Service Commitments.

The survey had questions which asked residents to form a baseline measurement and validate those commitments.

You told us you’re confident that we’ll keep to our Service Commitments in future interactions.

More information

We welcome you to share your feedback with us.

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