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Materials Recovery Facility upgrades

New equipment will detect more recyclable materials

Peel's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is part of the Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility (PIWMF).

This facility has undergone significant upgrades to its equipment that will increase the amount of recyclable material collected from waste, keeping even more recyclable items out of landfill. To date, $21 million has been invested into the project in partnership with the Government of Canada.

The upgrade to our MRF equipment is happening in partnership with the Government of Canada.

The recycling sorting process

At the MRF, the recycling sorting process starts when waste collection trucks dump waste into an area called the 'tip floor'. Waste materials go from the tip floor into the sorting system.

As waste travels through the sorting system, recyclable materials are separated manually and automatically. Specialized equipment lets us separate and recycle various types of materials.

The recyclable materials are then bundled, wrapped into bales and prepared to be shipped to market.

New equipment for better sorting

While our current equipment was effective, there are new challenges and issues that we’ve been facing:

To address these challenges, we’re installing new equipment including 10 optical sorters. An optical sorter is a specialized type of sorting equipment. It uses a unique infrared light to sort and detect different materials. These upgrades will help us better sort the types of materials that pass through Peel’s MRF.

This faster, more efficient sorting will let us provide even more valuable recyclable materials to industries.

Project timeline

Pre-construction: August 10, 2019.

Under construction: September 20, 2019.

Installation completed: November 16, 2019.

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Krista Garcia, Project Manager
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