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It's Emergency Preparedness Week: know your risks!

Emergency Preparedness Week is from May 7 to May 13. It’s the perfect time to know your risks, make a plan, and have a kit ready.

We're all at risk of weather-related emergencies, especially as we experience more climate-related events. Extreme heat and cold, flooding, storms, wildfires, and power outages can affect everyone.

You can respond quickly to help yourself and others if you:

Make an emergency plan

Plan your household's response to emergencies. Get everyone in your home to help develop then practice the plan so you can execute your plan safely.

In your emergency plan, be sure to:

Have an emergency kit

There are 2 reasons for having a kit:

  1. To be prepared for evacuation, or
  2. To be prepared to shelter in place.

Your emergency kit should: