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Water Efficiency Strategy Update 2013-2025

The Region first developed a Water Efficiency Plan in 2004. After a review in 2011, the new strategy, the 2013 Water Efficiency Strategy (WES), accounts for marketplace changes, Regional Council direction current legislation including the 2010 Ontario Water Opportunities Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act.

The 2013 WES Primary Objectives

  1. reduce peak day water demands
  2. meet legislation requirements and goals for water efficiency
  3. keep Regional residential per capita water demands in line with other leading GTA municipalities
  4. help business customers manage their water demands more effectively
  5. manage system water loss

WES Specific Water Efficiency Targets

  1. maintain an average peak day ratio of no more than 1.55
  2. reduce single-family indoor water demands to an average of 150 Lcd by 2025
  3. maintain a distribution system infrastructure leakage index rating of less than 2.0.

Recommended Water Efficiency Measures

To achieve these targets, Peel intends to implement the following water efficiency measures:

  1. Toilet rebates - The purchase of water efficient fixtures will be encouraged and promoted through education and outreach initiatives. The Region will phase out its current rebate program by September 2013.

  2. Fusion landscaping - this new approach to landscaping offers homeowners a consultation with alternative landscape designs that meet their aesthetic beliefs while achieving the Region’s water savings targets.

  3. Residential automatic irrigation consultations - Residential automatic irrigation consultations will educate homeowners about proper irrigation practices including proper installation and maintenance of the system and how to set irrigation schedules.

  4. Industrial, commercial and institutional automatic irrigation consultation - Facilities that participate in this program receive an irrigation audit and a follow-up report detailing opportunities for system improvements.

  5. Indoor water audit program for industrial, commercial and institutional customers - Customers that participate in this program will receive an indoor water audit and follow-up report detailing opportunities for process changes.

  6. Water loss management - the Region of Peel currently has a proactive water loss management program to mitigate the negative effects of water loss in the distribution system.

  7. Water efficiency at Regional facilities - the Region intends to complete water audits of select Regional facilities, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, to ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible in Regional buildings.

  8. Education and outreach programs - Education and outreach programs complement the WES by continuing to foster environmental stewardship within the Region and by building capacity within the community to empower residents and businesses to make positive changes to their water use.

The Water Efficiency Strategy

Download Report (PDF 423KB, 36 pages). To download, right-click and choose "save target" or "save link" as.

Revised: Tuesday July 21 2020

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