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Watersmart Peel Home

Fusion Landscaping® Design


Planning your outdoor space

Look at your lawn and garden
Creating your ideal garden starts with knowing your current space.

Know your wants and needs
Define what you want and need in your dream garden.

Sketch your garden ideas
Sketching your garden vision will help bring it to life.

Select Your Plants
Must-have perennials, bulbs, shrubs and trees for Fusion Garden®.

Build Your Garden

Learn how to build your garden.

Sharing Your Garden

See how Peel residents have created their own Fusion Garden Oasis.


Watch our videos from 'Frankie Flowers' on landscaping around your home

Hiring A Professional

Want to hire someone to design and install your Fusion oasis? Fusion Landscape Professionals (FLPs) are trained and certified to provide landscape design, installation, and maintenance services.

Revised: Thursday February 25 2021

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