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Water and wastewater financial plan

Thank you to everyone who took part in the open houses.

Water rates and the services we provide are the foundation of the financial plan.

Your water and wastewater rates pay for more than the clean drinking water that comes from your tap and treating the used water that leaves your home.

They also pay for many things like:

How we calculate your wastewater rate

Peel’s wastewater rate is applied to 85 percent of the amount of water that you use.

This percentage recognizes that not all the water goes back into the wastewater system. You might use it to water your lawn or fill up a pool.

This is a standard way to determine wastewater rates because they can’t be easily measured like water meters in homes or businesses.

Peel’s water and wastewater systems

Peel Region has one of the largest water and wastewater systems in the country. We serve 1.5 million residents in Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon, providing 599 million litres of high-quality drinking water every day. We also remove about 500 million litres of wastewater from homes and businesses.

The video explains how water bill payments are funding improvements to Peel’s drinking water and wastewater systems.