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Water billing for landlords and tenants

In Peel, tenants can receive water, wastewater, and stormwater bills in their own name.

Please note the following:

Moving in

Before you begin to complete the form, have the name and email address of your tenant or landlord available.

If you are a residential landlord with new tenants or if you are a residential tenant moving in, complete the Residential tenant billing form.

If you are a commercial landlord with new tenants or a commercial tenant moving in, complete the Commercial tenant billing form.

Once the completed form has been processed, the tenant will receive a confirmation e-mail with their account detail.

Moving out

If your tenants are moving out or if you're a tenant moving out of a property, complete the closing account form.

Please note we do not backdate move-outs. If the date occurs in the past, the date we receive the form will be used as the move-out date.