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A long term care centre is a place where an individual, whose needs cannot be met in the community, lives and receives care and other services provided by highly trained staff.

Long term care is for people who:

Long term care homes are mandated by the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 and its Regulation 246/22.

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Find out about different care options to help you decide if long term care is the right choice for you.


The Ministry of Long-Term Care provides funding for all long-term care homes in Ontario. Peel Region also contributes funding to the operations of our 5 long term care centres to enhance the lives of residents.

All long term care home residents are required to contribute towards the cost of accommodation and meals. This is called a co-payment fee. The amount of your co-payment fee is based on whether you are in a basic, semi-private or private room.

Regardless of room type, all long term care residents are entitled to the same level of care.

The Ministry of Long-Term Care sets maximum co-payment fees each year. These are standard across all long term care homes in Ontario, whether for profit or not-for-profit.

Refer to paying for long term care for details about rates.

Financial assistance

Available for residents who can't afford basic accommodation. A resident must meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for a subsidy. Contact Home and Community Care and Support Services for more information about qualifying for financial assistance.

How to apply

For residents of Ontario, all applications to a long term care centre are coordinated by local Home and Community Care Support Services.

Call your local office to complete the application process:

Mississauga Halton
Call 310-2222 or 1-877-336-9090.

Central West
Call 310-2222 or 1-888-733-1177.

Learn about the application process and how to get started.

Book a tour

You can book a tour of one of our centres to help in your application process and selection. Refer to our long term care centres for tour details.

Who to contact

For advice, support or help applying, contact your local Home and Community Care Support Services.

If you have questions about Peel Long Term Care, email us or call 905-791-7800.