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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve operations.

What is the role of Internal Audit?

Internal Audit's mandate is to provide value-added advice, assurance and risk management services that support organizational success. Internal Audit does this through:

How is an audit selected for an audit?

Each year, Internal Audit conducts an organizational risk assessment of Regional programs, services and operations. Risks, controls and mitigating strategies are evaluated and prioritized and a risk based internal audit work plan (PDF) is subsequently developed. The work plan assists Audit and Risk Committee discharge their duties by providing assurance Regional programs, services and operations are being delivered efficiently and are working effectively.

Who oversees the Region of Peel's Internal Audit Division?

The Internal Audit division operates independently so that it can be impartial to the audits it conducts and reports to the Audit and Risk Committee. The Audit and Risk Committee was established in 1995 to assist Regional Council and associated Boards and Agencies in discharging their governance, accountability and stewardship responsibilities. The Committee is comprised of the Regional Chair (EX-officio), the Chair and Vice-chair of the Enterprise Program and Services section of Regional Council, and includes at least one member from each of the area municipalities. Meetings are held a minimum of three times annually and at other times as required.

What are the responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee?

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible to review and advise on:

To obtain additional information about the roles and responsibilities of the Internal Audit function, please refer to the 
Internal Audit Charter (PDF)

For information about upcoming meetings, please refer to the Committee's agendas

For information about past meetings, please refer to the Committee's minutes