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Adopt-a-Road Program

Keeping Regional roadsides free of garbage and debris is one way the Region of Peel contributes to creating healthy communities.

The Regional Municipality of Peel's Adopt-a-Road program is a public service program enabling participants to pick up litter along certain regional road rights-of-way. Adopt-a-Road is a way for environmentally-conscious citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment.

Under the program, groups or individuals agree to adopt a section of road right-of-way and keep it clean. The Region recognizes the participant(s) by erecting signs acknowledging their efforts at either end of their designated roadway.

View map of roads available in the Adopt-a-Road program

Review the following Terms of Reference and Regional Responsibilities

Roadway safety is of primary importance in all Region decisions related to the Adopt-a-Road program.

Only individuals and groups determined by the Region to be responsible and to exhibit, in good faith, the desire and the ability to meet the Adopt-a-Road program objectives within the parameters of these Terms and conditions will be allowed to adopt a section of road right-of-way:

  • The Region may refuse to grant a request to adopt a section if, in its opinion, granting the request would jeopardize the program, be counterproductive to its purpose, create a public safety hazard, or be in conflict with government or Region policies.
  • Participants are not considered as Officers, Employees, or Agents of the Region. Any injuries, claims, liabilities, suits, or costs arising from the participant's activities relating to this agreement, shall be the sole responsibility of the participants.
  • Participants shall indemnify the Region and agree to abide by the Region's guidelines and to not hold the Region responsible for any injuries or damages that they may cause or suffer as a result of participation in the Adopt-a-Road program.
  • Participants are encouraged to recycle materials collected from the adopted section of the right-of-way, whenever and wherever possible.

Agreement form

Complete the Program Agreement Form (PDF)

For more information on our Adopt-a-Road program or to submit your agreement, please call the Region of Peel's Road Department at 905-791-7800.


Once we're approved your application, we'll recognize your effort and publicize your participation by placing signs along your adopted section of the roadway.

Roadway safety is the most important factor in Regional decisions related to the Adopt-a-Road program.

Only individuals and groups who have shown, in good faith, the desire and the ability to meet the Adopt-a Road-program objectives and terms and conditions will be approved.