Which Legislation Guides Emergency Management in Peel?

The Peel Regional Emergency Program is guided by two pieces of legislation: the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (1990) and Peel Region By-law 52-2008.

Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (1990)

In 2006, the new Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, R.S.O., 1990 was proclaimed by the Province of Ontario.

The Act requires every municipality in Ontario to develop and carry out an emergency management program that includes:

  • Designating a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC).
  • Preparing an Emergency Response Plan.
  • Establishing an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).
  • Annual exercises and training.
  • Public education on emergency preparedness.

Peel Region By-law 52-2008

Peel Region By-law 52-2008:

  • Requires the development and implementation of a Regional emergency management program.
  • Establishes an Emergency Management Program Committee.
  • Outlines the conditions under which the Regional Chair may declare an emergency.

Revised: Friday February 28 2020

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