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Chair Iannicca's statement in response to the province's announcement.

Services to residents and businesses will continue as normal. 


News and Council Updates

Healthy Complete Communities in the news

How Ontario communities are making themselves more senior-friendly – January 30, 2019

Region of Peel Launches Healthy Complete Communities Program
Breakfast Television – December 28, 2018

Peel Region’s Medical Officer Health, Dr. Jessica Hopkins, visits Breakfast Television to discuss the need to plan healthier communities.

Complete Communities are Needed to Slow Climate Change and Protect Peel Residents from Impacts
Mississauga News – December 24, 2018

Christine Tu, Director of the Office of Climate Change and Energy Management and Louise Aubin, Acting Director of Health Protection on the environmental drivers for innovative community planning.

Future of Peel depends on walkable, complete, connected communities
Caledon Enterprise - December 20, 2018

Census data suggests that our population of nearly 1.5 million will continue to grow by an estimated 22,000 new people each year. It’s a great opportunity to plan our communities today in ways that will support health, mobility and sustainability for decades to come.

Where you live impacts how you move and eat, says Peel's medical officer of health
Mississauga News - November 26, 2018

Reversing negative trends in Peel is simple: people need to move more and eat healthier. In reality, however, physical activity and healthy eating have largely been "engineered" out of our daily lives. Medical Officer of Health, Jessica Hopkins, explains.

Suburbs reimagined
Mortgage Broker News - November 18, 2018

Reimagining suburbs is one thing, but Peel Region is actively redesigning the sprawl west of Toronto by adhering to 21st century urban planning principles.

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Council Updates

Regional Council supports the importance of creating healthy complete communities.

Regional Council Reports

Municipal Resolutions

Our local municipalities are also in support of planning and developing healthy complete communities.

Each municipality has adopted their own resolutions to look at health impacts through development and planning applications.