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healthy sexuality
Birth Control Methods

Choosing the Right Method

Which method of birth control is right for me?

The method you use should be based on your needs.

Some methods only prevent pregnancy while others can also protect you from getting - or spreading sexually-transmitted infections.

While there are many birth-control methods to choose from, each method must be used the right way every time you have sex to prevent a pregnancy from happening.

Questions That Can Help You Decide

With so many birth control methods available and so many factors to consider, choosing the best method for you can be challenging. So ask yourself:

  • Do I want to have a biological child in the future?
  • How would an unplanned pregnancy affect my life right now?
  • Do I need to be protected from both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?
  • How much am I able to pay for birth control?
  • How much effort or time am I willing to commit to using a particular method?
  • Can I live with the side effects of the method I choose?

Birth Control Methods

Reversible (Temporary) Methods


How Does It Work?



Blocks the cervix (entrance to the womb) so sperm can’t reach and fertilize an egg.


Prevents the release of an egg from the woman’s ovary.


Destroys sperm on contact.


Slows sperm and stops fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall.


Relies on behaviour rather than artificial barriers, hormones, or chemicals.


Delays ovulation: causes changes in the thickness of the womb’s lining.

Permanent Methods


How Does It Work?



Uses surgery to block parts of the reproductive system.


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Revised: Monday January 18 2016

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