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What is bedwetting?

Bedwetting is:

  • A child who was dry at night starts to wet the bed again.
  • A five- or six-year-old child has never stayed dry at night.

The child is not doing this on purpose.

What may cause bedwetting?

Bedwetting may happen when your child is cold, tired, sick, or upset.

Young children get upset when:

  • There is a new baby in the family.
  • The family moves.
  • He is away from his parents.
  • There are family problems.

Anything new can upset your child.

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What you can do to help your child if he wets the bed:

  • Stay calm.
  • Do not blame yourself or your child.
  • Tell your child that he will grow out of this.
  • Keep the mattress from getting wet with a vinyl covering or a large towel.
  • Keep your child warm at night.
  • Make it easy for your child to go to the bathroom at night by putting a night-light for potty in his room.
  • Do not make your child wear diapers - this makes it harder for the child to go to the toilet by himself and makes him feel like a "baby" again.
  • Let your child help change the bed and do the laundry.

Your child will outgrow bedwetting.

What to do if your child keeps wetting the bed:

It is common for a child who is upset to wet the bed for several nights. If the bedwetting continues, have your child checked by a doctor.

If your doctor doesn't find anything wrong, some things that can help are:

  • Giving your child only small amounts of milk, juice, or water after supper. Do not give tea, cola drinks, or cocoa.
  • Reminding your child to go "pee" before going to bed.
  • Waking your child up and have him "pee" before you go to bed.
  • Helping your child mark his dry nights on a calendar and telling him he has done well.
  • Helping your child handle changes such as a new baby in the house.

Being patient and giving your child encouragement and love is what is needed most.

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For more information:

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