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Air Quality Health Index Toolkit

The Air Quality Health Index Toolkit contains information, resources and multi-media tools to help your organization launch an AQHI education and outreach campaign in your workforce or in your community.

The Toolkit includes radio and web advertisements, newsletter articles, a PowerPoint presentation, and a number of colourful print resources.

Grade 5 & 6 teachers can also use lesson plans developed by Health Canada:

Air Quality Health Index book 1: Health (weather and health)
Air Quality Health Index book 2: Environment (air quality, electricity and natural resources)

Chapter 1: Radio Advertisements

  1. Radio Advertisement Connoisseur (MP3 947KB)
  2. Radio Advertisement Tortoise (MP3 944KB)

Chapter 2: PowerPoint Presentations and Speaking Notes

  1. GTA AQHI Power Point Presentation (PPT 3MB)
  2. GTA AQHI Power Point Presentation Speaking Notes (Word 76KB)

Chapter 3: Newsletter/Website Templates and Articles

  1. aqhiad4a.jpg
  2. aqhiad4b.jpg
  3. aqhiad4c.jpg
  4. Long GTA AQHI Article.doc (Word 27KB)
  5. Short GTA AQHI Article.doc (Word 21KB)

Chapter 4: Print Resources

  1. GTA 2020 Home Tip-card (PDF 321KB)
  2. GTA 2020 Vehicle Tip-card (PDF 345KB)
  3. GTA AQHI Brochure (PDF 601KB)
  4. GTA AQHI Postcard (PDF 316KB)
  5. GTA AQHI Spin Wheel (PDF 1.1MB)
  6. GTA 2020 Planner (PDF 497KB)
  7. GTA AQHI Advertisement-1 (PDF 254KB)
  8. GTA AQHI Advertisement-2 (PDF 264KB)
  9. GTA AQHI Advertisement-3 (PDF 239KB)


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