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Ontario Works Caseloads

Key Highlights

  • For the first time in eleven years, Peel’s average monthly Ontario Works (OW) caseload fell in 2018.
  • The trend continued into 2019 when the number of OW caseloads in Peel fell every month from January to September 2019.
  • On a quarterly bases, Peel’s OW caseloads fell in all three quarters of 2019 to date.
  • The decline in Q3 2019 marked the sixth consecutive quarterly decline in OW caseloads in Peel.
  • For the nine-month period January – September 2019, average monthly OW caseloads in Peel fell by 9.7 per cent.

In January – September 2019, the average monthly OW caseloads recorded in Peel Region was 17,119 cases, down 9.7 per cent from the 18,965 cases recorded in January – September 2018.

This was the second consecutive year that Peel’s average monthly caseload fell during the January – September period.

Viewed monthly, Peel’s OW caseloads peaked in early 2018 and have trended down since then.

Quarterly Changes

In Q3 2019, average OW caseloads recorded in Peel was 16,315 cases, 13.1 per cent below the number of cases recorded in Q3 2018.

This was the lowest Q3 average caseloads since 2011.

Peel’s OW caseloads have trended up between 2008 and 2018.

Since Q2 2018, Peel’s quarterly OW caseloads have shown sustained quarterly declines.

Peel quarterly OW caseloads continue to fall alongside the improvement in Peel’s labour market.