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Reopening of child care centres

We’re working with providers to ensure everyone’s health and safety

The Ontario government has allowed licensed child care centres to reopen. Child care providers will need to meet health and safety guidelines before reopening.

We're working with licensed child care providers on the reopening of child care as guided by the Ministry of Education and Peel Public Health, to keep children, families and child care workers safe.

Providers should share health and safety procedures with parents. Speak to your provider about what they're doing to keep your children safe while in their care.

The following measures will help ensure the health and safety of children, staff and parents and guardians:

What we're doing

Providing support to child care providers with the following:

Here's what you can expect as you prepare to re-enroll your child in licensed child care centres in Peel.

We've created information for child care providers to support training and protect the health and safety of staff, children and families. Access child care provider COVID-19 enhanced health and safety protocols.

Other information

Child care providers should not increase your fees due to enhanced cleaning measures, small groups of children and other costs. The Ministry of Education has advised providers to set fees at the level they were before the closures.

Your child care provider is also not allowed to charge you fees if you don't have access to a child care space or decide not to accept a space.

If you're attending home child care, your provider must give you 30 days to indicate whether you want to keep your space.  After the 30 days, you would need to make payments to keep your space, whether your child attends or not.

The Ministry of Education and Peel Public Health are providing guidance to licensed child care providers to ensure the health and safety for everyone at the centre.

If you're concerned that your provider isn't following health and safety policies, you can speak with them directly about how they are implementing the new policies.

If your concerns cannot be resolved by working with your provider, you can submit a complaint to the Ministry of Education.

You can also submit a complaint to the Region of Peel or call 905-791-1585.

We understand that some child care providers may need additional time to re-open. Licensed home child care continues to operate. To learn more about this option and all licensed child care centres open in Peel, you can visit or call Child Development Resource Connection Peel (CDRCP) at 905-890-9432.

Supporting the health and safety of your children and child care staff is a key priority. That's why child care centres must follow strict policies and procedures when they reopen. Child care plays an important role in giving your children opportunities to learn and explore while helping parents be able to return to work.

We support providers in making the experience as enriching as possible for your children, while delivering programs safely.

If you're receiving child care fee subsidy and your child care provider was closed, we need to confirm your child care plans and eligibility before you return to care.

If your child care provider is open and you have returned to care:

  • Your fee subsidy will continue if you are participating in an approved activity.
  • Families required to pay a parental contribution must pay it.

If your child care provider is closed and you need child care services, you may be eligible to transfer temporarily. Contact your Children's Services Worker once you secure a space with a child care provider that has a fee subsidy agreement with us.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our offices remain closed for visitors. Do not come into the office. If you have documents that you would like to drop off rather than mail or email, there are drop boxes located outside the entrances of our Regional buildings.