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Services at Regional buildings

What to know when accessing services at Regional buildings.

The following Access Peel counters are fully open to the public:

Residents are asked to enter through the main doors and self-screen for COVID-19 using a sign with screening questions. Physical distancing is not required. Wearing a mask is not required but encouraged.

In-person services can include payments, document drop-off, and water sample testing kit pick-up.

Human Services reception at 10 Peel Centre Drive

Residents should not come to the office in person unless they have spoken to a case worker who has directed you to do so.

Residents can drop off mail and documents in the drop-off box located outside the building.

Ontario Works appointments

Appointments are being completed over the phone. Contact your caseworker directly at their extension. If you don’t know the extension or to apply for Ontario Works, call Brampton or Mississauga at 905-793-9200 or Caledon at 1-800-327-5379.

Human Services cheque windows

Paying your water bill

You can pay your water bill online or by mail.

Council Chambers

Council meetings are streamed online on Council days.

Council Chambers will reopen to the public on June 9, 2022, for Regional Council and Committee meetings.

Regional Clerk services

The Regional Municipality of Peel will accept service of documents which name The Regional Municipality of Peel, such as originating process documents (Statement of Claim, Notice of Claim, Notice of Application etc.), via email to the Regional Clerks office until further notice.

Emails must be sent to the Regional clerk and received during the business hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (5 p.m. for Claims for Lien) Monday to Friday (not including holidays).

Any emails received after business hours will not be accepted as served until the following day that is not a holiday. All email messages must include the sender’s name, address, telephone number, fax number if any, and email address, the date and time of transmission, and the name and telephone number of a person to contact in the event of a transmission problem. Upon receipt, the Regional Clerk’s office will confirm acceptance of service of the document by return email.

The Regional Municipality of Peel will also accept service of documents, which name The Regional Municipality of Peel (excluding Claims for Lien), at Access Peel instead of at the Regional Clerk’s office until further notice.

Claims for lien which attach to premises owned by The Regional Municipality of Peel, shall only be served upon The Regional Municipality of Peel by sending a copy to the Regional Clerk by emailing the Regional clerk. For information regarding Council agendas, Statements of Claims or Freedom of Information requests call 905-791-7800, ext. 4465 or emailing the Regional clerk.