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211 Service

211 is an integrated telephone and internet-based system providing callers with one-stop information and referrals to local community, social, health and government programs and services.

It is an easy way to access comprehensive and specialized information and referrals to community programs and services.

211 is a comprehensive, professionally maintained database of Peel community services and program which assists individuals and families facing barriers due to language or personal circumstances, professionals in business, government and community agencies. It is free and confidential, thorough translation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in over 150 languages.

You can search the 211 database by visiting

Why do we need 211?

Many residents don't know where to turn when they need information about services and programs that are available to them. 211 helps find the most appropriate services and programs and provides the caller with the best available resource(s) in their community. Simplified access through 211 is especially important for vulnerable people or those who face barriers in accessing services.

Who might call 211?

How is 211 different from 311, 411 and 911?

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