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Community Hub Development Fund

Supports community agencies to conduct feasibility studies and develop strong community hub business plans, aligned to Peel's Community Hub Development Standards.

Applications from Peel community agencies for consultant services from $10,000 to $30,000. The total annual budget for the Community Hub Development Fund is $150,000.

Collaborative applications are strongly encouraged, especially where:

Funds will be allocated to the lead agency of the collaborative.

What we will fund

Consultant expertise to support relevant feasibility studies based on the scope of the project, for example:

Development of a business plan including:

What we will not fund

Other information

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Community agencies applying for a feasibility study must have:

  • Completed a shared community visioning exercise outlining the community hub proposed vision
  • Conducted an evidence-based needs-analysis and identified services to be offered in the hub
  • Assessed and established that there is no duplication of services
  • Applicants must submit a minimal of two consultant quotes

Community agencies applying for a business plan must meet the above criteria and provide relevant feasibility study completed.

Step 2: Apply now

A fund review committee reviews all applications.

The amount of time agencies have to use the funds will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for each application.

There is no set deadline, applications can be submitted at any time. Applications will be accepted until funding is spent.

Access the Peel Community Hub Development Readiness Checklist (PDF) to identify your hub development stage and readiness.

Once you are ready to apply, email us to schedule a meeting to discuss the community hub initiative. We will respond to your email within 2 business days.

Following the meeting, within 5 business days, we will send you a meeting summary and the application form with instructions for completion.

The Plan outlines the Region's role in supporting the development of integrated hubs in Peel.

The Plan also establishes the Peel Community Hubs Development Standards which act as a foundation for strong and sustainable community hub development across Peel.

Peel Community Hub Development Standards

  • Evidence-informed needs of the community.
  • Strong partnerships with a shared vision, priorities and outcomes.
  • Strong business planning that includes established governance, financial models and a mixture of services.
  • Integrated service delivery that builds upon the resources and expertise of partners.
  • Working with you to create a healthy safe and connected community.

The plan will be implemented during 2018-2019 which includes several aspects of community support such as:

  • Development of a Community Hub Network to facilitate collaborative service planning across jurisdictional boundaries with key stakeholders (for example, provincial, municipal, school board, health and non-profit agency partners).
  • Utilization of the Neighbourhood Information Tool to inform service planning and assist community agencies in leveraging other sustainable funding sources.
  • Specialized assistance to community agencies to work through the phases of hub development.
  • As Regional government lead cross-departmental service planning to identify opportunities for innovative solutions to create a Community for Life.

Peel's Community Hubs Development Plan is based on the Province of Ontario's definition of a community hub which states, "Community hubs provide a central access point for a range of needed health and social services, along with cultural, recreational, and green spaces to nourish community life".