Heritage, Arts and Culture

Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives (PAMA) supports residents being engaged in an understanding of our history and culture, and to live in cohesive communities.

Service Outcome

Peel residents are engaged in an understanding of our history and culture.

2017 Performance

Welcomed 11 museum exhibits, 19 archives exhibits, and 9 art gallery exhibits.

82% visitor satisfaction rating with Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives. 1

Canada and Peel 150

In 2017, we celebrated both Canada and Peel 150. Peel residents were engaged and inspired through exhibitions, programs, and services offered at the Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives (PAMA). Working with more than 30 community partners and various local individuals, exhibitions resulted in a 20% increase in attendance, and engaged visitors of all ages to better understand the Region's culture and history. Canada and Peel 150 inspired donations of art and archive records that will enrich lives for years to come.

1 Source: 2017 External Client Satisfaction Survey.