Income Support

We work to increase the income of Ontario Works Ontario Works clients through accessing financial supports and benefits, as well as increase the per cent of Ontario Works clients that exit the social assistance system due to independence.

Service Outcome

Peel residents in need have access to available financial supports.

2017 Performance

Supported 19,081 households each month (on average) through the Ontario Works program.

Free Tax Clinics

The Region of Peel expanded the File Your Taxes For Free, Get Your Benefits Now campaign, serving a total of 21,174 total clients (an additional 3,000+) at various income tax clinics across Peel Region. This was an increase to 84 income tax clinics, up from 74 clinics in 2016. Each year the Region of Peel's Human Services Department partners with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario to ensure low-income residents are able to receive free income tax preparation services, maximizing their income benefits. An increase of 22,040 (16%) of families in Peel received the new Canada Child Benefit in 2017 compared to 2016.1

1 This increase can also be attributed to a change by the Federal government to the child benefit program.