Land Use Planning

We guide the Region's development and enhance our residents' quality of life in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We are involving our stakeholders to ensure planning priorities reflect community needs and growth concerns.

Service Outcome

Communities in Peel are complete and sustainable for residents and businesses.

2017 Performance

Achieved $569M lower debt level than forcasted.1

Lakeview Waterfront Connection

The Lakeview Waterfront Connection project is the creation of a new 64 acre natural waterfront park by sustainably reusing excavated fill from various Public Works projects. Savings obtained by avoiding the long distance transport of excess fill will be used toward the costs of building this park.

The project features a variety of quality habitats such as large coastal wetlands, natural meadows, new beach, coastal forest, treed swamp and island habitat. These natural features will enhance the shoreline for bird species and provide diverse fish habitat for all species. The landform has also been carefully designed to incorporate numerous features to maximize public usage. A system of primary and secondary trails has been developed to promote recreational activities. Seating stones, lookouts and observation boardwalks have been proposed for park users to maximize their experience.

Peel Plans to Welcome 500,000 New Residents and 250,000 New Jobs

By 2041, Peel will welcome more than 500,000 new residents and 250,000 new jobs. The Region of Peel is working with Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga and stakeholders to manage this new growth by:

In 2017, the Region of Peel identified savings and deferrals of over half a billion dollars in costs associated with growth by undertaking early and ongoing collaboration with the development industry and Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga, identifying efficiencies in infrastructure provision, and streamlining planning processes. This work will help to plan complete communities that meet the daily needs of residents and businesses to interact, learn, work, and play with access to convenient public transportation and safe, non-motorized travel.

1 The Region of Peel avoided a debt increase of $569M.