2015-2018 Term of Council Priorities

During this four-year Term of Council, the Region of Peel is focused on 11 priorities.

These include three Living priorities, five Thriving priorities and three Leading priorities.

Area of Focus: Living

We want people's lives to be improved in their time of need. We're making the following progress on these Living priorities:

Increase Affordable Housing

Reduce Poverty

Increase Stable Employment

Area of Focus: Thriving

We want communities that are integrated, safe and complete.  We're making the following progress on these Thriving priorities:

Increase Waste Diversion

Adapt to and Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change

Promote Healthy and Age-Friendly Built Environments

Improve Goods Movement

Plan and Manage Growth

Area of Focus: Leading

We want government that is future oriented and accountable.  We're making the following progress on these Leading priorities:

Modernize Service Delivery

Modernized multi-channel service delivery, built platforms for integration and increased service capacity, including:

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Create a Modernized Workplace