Homelessness Support

We provide programs and services to people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness through emergency and transitional shelters, street outreach, eviction prevention funding, support services and help to find permanent housing. We strive to increase the percentage of households at risk to obtain and retain housing.

Service Outcome

Homelessness in Peel is prevented.

2017 Performance

Served 615 individuals through homelessness prevention programs.1

Provided 14,000+ people with shelter beds and transitional housing.2

Brampton Queen Street Youth Shelter

In January 2017, the Region of Peel opened a temporary 40-bed youth shelter, providing a 24/7 short-term emergency shelter for single youth aged 16 to 24 who are homeless. Since doors opened, it has served 703 youth. Although the shelter is successfully addressing a gap that previously existed in our community, it is not without its challenges. Regular communication between the Region of Peel, community partners and the youth ensures we continually work with the shelter's neighbours to improve relationships while providing appropriate programming supports to youth to prevent homelessness.

1 Includes rent, bank, Emergency Energy Fund, Region of Peel.

2 Does not include unique clients.