We treat millions of litres of wastewater every day in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We continuously assess the state of our infrastructure so we can deliver dependable services to our community.

Service Outcome

Wastewater in the Region of Peel is removed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

2017 Performance

Treated 633 million litres of wastewater daily.

Total number of reported overflows / 100 km length.1

Target: 0

Actual: 0.13

Number of sewer collection infrastructure repairs per 100 km.

Target: Number of repairs should increase over time to maintain infrastructure.

Actual: 16

Per cent of design capacity utilized (G. E. Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment Facility and Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Facility).

Target: 0.90

Actual: 0.75

1 Operations continue to manage the system to minimize overflows as close to zero as possible. Even with increased number and intensity of storms, the number of overflows have not measurably changed. In addition, for overflow events, improvements to wet weather event response plans, and spills response plans have further reduced the volume which could be discharged to the environment.

In order to reduce likelihood of overflows, there are many actions under development:

  • Inflow and Infltration Strategy
  • West-East Diversion structure
  • Better use of supervisory control and data acquisition and flowmeter info to plan system operations and maintenance during wet weather events
  • Redundancy on the conveyance system – twining of trunk sewers
  • Increase system reliability through state of good repair programs
  • Risk assessment for the sewer network
  • Upgrades on 20 sewage pumping stations
  • Condition assessment and rehabilitation
  • Planning stages for the implementation of Real Time Control