Using Your Carts

Waste collection in the Region of Peel has changed to a bi-weekly alternating schedule for garbage and recycling collection.

Sample Schedule

Week 1 Garbage + Organics

Week 2 Recycling + Organics

Week 3 Garbage + Organics

Week 4 Recycling + Organics

What’s changed?

  • Garbage, recycling and organics are now collected by automated collection vehicles in most areas in Peel.
  • Garbage and recycling are now collected on different weeks. If your garbage is picked up one week, your recycling is picked up the next week.
  • Recyclables must be in a cart or in clear or blue transparent recycling bags. Recyclables placed at the curb in old blue/grey boxes will not be collected.
  • You can now use your old blue/grey box for yard waste. Yard waste will be collected if it is placed at the curb in a clearly labelled blue/grey box or other acceptable container.

What’s staying the same?

  • Organics are still picked up every week.
  • Yard waste collection continues to be collected seasonally.
  • Unlimited amounts of recycling and organics are accepted at the curb.
  • Excess garbage must be tagged except during exemption periods.

Step 1 - Check Your Collection Day and Schedule

Check WhenDoesItGo to see if your collection day and schedule have changed.

Step 2 - Watch This Video

Take a closer look at using your carts and learn how your collection schedule has changed:

Step 3 - Learn More

How to use your carts

Watch an overview of how to use your carts.

Placing your carts at the curb

This video gives an overview of how to place your carts at the curb.


  • Place your carts at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Make sure the organics (green) cart lid is locked and the lids on your garbage and recycling carts are closed.
  • Place your carts as close to the road as possible without blocking the road or sidewalk.
  • Place the carts away from trees or other overhead obstructions.
  • Make sure the collection vehicle can reach your cart.
  • Don’t put your carts too close to parked vehicles.
  • Make sure material isn’t jammed into your carts or overflowing.
  • Don’t use bungee cords or other items to keep the cart lid closed.


Face the front of the carts toward the street and the handles towards your house.


Make sure your carts are an arm’s length apart from one another.


Remove your carts from the curb by 8 p.m. on your collection day. If your carts aren’t collected by 8 p.m., report a missed collection.

Special instructions for winter

  • When shovelling, clear a flat spot at the bottom of your driveway or at the curb. Place your carts in this spot.
  • Place any excess, bagged waste on the ground, approximately three feet away from a cart.
  • Don’t place carts behind or on top of snowbanks.
  • If a snow plow partially buries your carts, don’t dig them out. The automated arms on the collection vehicle are strong enough to lift the carts out of the snow.
  • Report any damage caused by snow plows. Damaged carts will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

Why change?

The Region has carefully measured the benefits of cart-based, bi-weekly collection.

Our research - together with the results of a year-long pilot project - showed that this method of collection will bring many benefits to both you and the Region.

Benefits to you

  • Carts are easier to wheel to the curb.
  • Carts prevent blowing litter to keep your neighbourhood clean.
  • Carts are pest-resistant.
  • Continued weekly green bin collection ensures that "stinky" items are collected each week.

Benefits to the Region

  • Waste collection cost-savings.
  • A reduction of the amount of waste sent to landfill.
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since fewer collection vehicles are on the roads.
  • A reduction in worker injuries.
  • Neater and tidier streetscapes on collection day with less wind-blown litter.

You can change your garbage or recycling cart for a smaller or larger-sized cart.

The fee for changing the size of your cart is $25 per cart. This fee covers the cost of delivery, cleaning and repair.

There is only one size organics cart. It cannot be changed for a different size.

This video gives an overview of how to change your cart size and what happens after you’ve requested a change.

After you submit your request

We're exchanging many carts across the Region, so it may take several weeks for the change to happen.

Garbage and recycling carts will be exchanged separately on different weeks.

If you've already requested a cart change, please follow these important instructions.

You will receive a cart that has been gently used and cleaned.

Change Cart Size

Carts that are damaged, broken, lost or stolen will be repaired or replaced, free of charge, except in the case of negligence. Report a cart problem.

Carts in working order that that are dirty, dented or scratched will not be replaced or exchanged.

Excess garbage

Collectors will pick up your garbage every other week on your scheduled collection day. Only one cart will be collected; extra garbage must be put in a garbage bag and tagged.

You can pick up garbage tags or order tags online. A sheet of 5 garbage tags costs $5.

Garbage exemption periods

Garbage bag tags are not required during exemption periods. The Region will continue to offer exemption periods for garbage 3 times a year on your garbage cart collection day following Victoria Day, Labour Day, and the Christmas holidays.

Excess recycling

There is no limit to the number of clear or blue recycling bags that can be placed at the curb.

Excess bags of recyclables or organics do not need to be tagged.

If you have excess recycling that won't fit in your recycling cart, put it in a clear or blue transparent recycling bag. Place the bag outside of your recycling cart on your collection day.

New development

If you are moving/have moved into a new development, please email once you have moved in to set up your waste collection service. In your email be sure to include your name and new address.

Resale home

If you are moving/have moved into a resale home, please use the carts that are already at your new home. If there are no carts at your new home when you move in, please report the cart problem to the Region of Peel.

If the carts aren't suitable for your household you can change them for smaller or larger-sized carts. An exchange fee of $25 will apply. Get more details about changing a cart size.

Rented property

If you are a tenant moving into a rented property, please use the carts that are already at your new home. If the carts aren’t suitable for you, please speak to your property owner/landlord. Only property owners/landlords can request a cart exchange.


The Region does not collect old, obsolete green bins, blue boxes, grey boxes or plastic resin containers at the curb.

Choose from these options to dispose of your old bins and containers:

1. Drop them off for free at a Peel Community Recycling Centre (CRC).

At the CRC, be sure to dispose of your bins and/or boxes in the designated section, not in the garbage receptacle.

2. Keep and re-use them.

  • Use your old green bin to store pet food, bird seed, barbeque charcoal, sand or sidewalk salt.
  • Use your old blue box or grey box to:
    • Hold recyclables before putting them in your recycling cart.
    • Hold yard waste for setting on the curb. A blue/grey box must be clearly labelled with a yard waste sticker or “Yard Waste” clearly written in paint or permanent marker.
    • Store items around your home or in your shed or garage.

Watch the options available to you for your existing bins and containers.


New carts don't affect taxes

Your taxes aren’t affected by the cart-based collection.

Services in Peel are paid through property taxes, so there is no additional cost to residents for the carts.

A cart is a large plastic container with wheels and a lid.

Watch a comparison of the different-sized carts and see how much garbage and recyclables each will contain.

Homes in cart-based collection areas have received:

  • 1 organics cart,
  • 1 recycling cart,
  • 1 garbage cart, and
  • 1 kitchen container.
Organics Garbage Recyclegarbage carts

Download Cart Owner's Manual [PDF]

Organics cart & kitchen container

The organics (green) cart is available in one size only. All residents will receive a new 100 L green cart. This new organics cart will hold the same amount of organic waste as 2 current green bins or 14 small kitchen containers. You will also receive a new kitchen container.

64 cm
2 ft 1 in
51 cm
1 ft 8 in
99 cm
3 ft 3 in
Organics Cart
organics cart
23.2 cm
9 1/8 in
29.5 cm
11 5/8 in
23.2 cm
9 1/8 in
Kitchen Container
kitchen container

Garbage cart

Garbage carts are available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Recommended cart sizes are based on your house type.

56 cm
1 ft 10 in
51 cm
1 ft 8 in
97 cm
3 ft 2 in
Small Garbage Cart
small garbage cart
71 cm
2 ft 4 in
64 cm
2 ft 1 in
112 cm
3 ft 8 in
Medium Garbage Cart
medium garbage cart
89 cm
2 ft 11 in
69 cm
2 ft 3 in
119 cm
3 ft 11 in
Large Garbage Cart
large garbage cart
  • A small cart (120 L, 32 gal) will hold 1-2 bags of garbage.
  • A medium cart (240 L, 64 gal) will hold 3 - 4 bags of garbage.
  • A large cart (360 L, 95 gal) will hold 4 - 5 bags of garbage.

Recycling cart

Recycling carts are also available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Recommended cart sizes for your address are based on your house type.

56 cm
1 ft 10 in
51 cm
1 ft 8 in
97 cm
3 ft 2 in
Small Recycling Cart
small recycling cart
71 cm
2 ft 4 in
64 cm
2 ft 1 in
112 cm
3 ft 8 in
Medium Recycling Cart
medium recycling cart
89 cm
2 ft 11 in
69 cm
2 ft 3 in
119 cm
3 ft 11 in
Large Recycling Cart
large recycling cart
  • A small cart (120 L, 32 gal) will hold approximately 2 blue boxes.
  • A medium cart (240 L, 64 gal) will hold 4 approximately blue boxes.
  • A large cart (360 L, 95 gal) will hold approximately 6 blue boxes.

Serial numbers & RFID tags

On the side of each cart you will notice a serial number that you can record for future reference in case a cart goes missing or is damaged.

The first character indicates the size of the cart: "S" for Small; "M" for Medium; and "L" for Large.

You do not have to register your cart serial numbers, but it is a good idea to record the serial numbers of your carts in case they go missing or you need to report a problem.

Each cart delivered is also equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag.

RFID tags allow the Region to:

  • Keep track of close to 1 million carts being delivered to Peel households.
  • Assign specific carts to each address during delivery.
  • Keep track of carts in case they are lost, stolen or broken.

RFID technology isn't new: for years it's been used at libraries to keep track of borrowed and returned books and for timing marathons and races.

When Does It Go

How to Sort Your Waste

  • Green Bin Items
  • Yard Waste Items
  • Blue Bin Items
  • Garbage Bin Items
  • Community Recycling Centres
  • Special Services