Public Accountability

We plan and implement services that enable the Regional corporation to meet strategic and operational objectives.

Service Outcome

The Region of Peel is an accountable and transparent government.

2017 Performance

Average score of resident agreement with the statement "Peel conducts its business in an open and accountable manner." 1

Target: 6.2/10

Actual: 6.3/10

Alignment of Accessibility Planning

The 2018-2025 Multi–Year Accessibility Plan was passed by Regional Council in 2017, which builds on our Strategic Plan's vision of a Community for Life. This plan sets a path forward to ensure Peel Region is accessible and inclusive by reducing and eliminating barriers to create a community of choice, one where people of all abilities can actively participate and experience a sense of belonging.

Open Data

As an accountable and transparent government, the Region of Peel encourages the public to freely access and use data available on our Open Data portal.  The Open Data portal will inspire creative and innovative development of products, aids in evidence based research, and provides a window into the operations of government, and the data that contributes to delivering the Region of Peel's services.

1 Source: 2017 External Client Satisfaction Survey.