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Financial Help and Ontario Works

The Region of Peel provides financial help for people in need. We'll work with you to determine your needs and what assistance you're eligible for.


Apply for Ontario Works

If you need help paying for food, clothing, and shelter, you can apply for Ontario Works.

Find Additional Ontario Works Support (for existing clients)

If you're already an Ontario Works client, check your payment schedule and learn about other available services you may be eligible for.

Get Help Paying for Funeral Arrangements

Apply for help paying for basic funeral costs for a deceased Peel resident.

Get Help Paying for Past-Due Bills or Rent

If you can’t pay a recent utility bill, rent or mortgage bill, you can apply for assistance.

Apply for a Discounted MiWay Monthly Bus Pass

If you live, work, or go to school in Mississauga (including Malton) and can't afford a monthly bus pass for travel, you can apply for a discount.

Services for Employers

If you are a business or vendor in Peel and need to hire employees, we offer free services to connect you with the right resources.

News and Events

Free Income Tax Clinics

File your taxes and get your benefits. If you have a lower income, we can help you prepare your income taxes for free.