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This is an interactive part of the Peel Water Story where you can look at the human and natural water systems in Peel.

Our GIS (Geographic Information Systems) maps allow you to look at, and interact with, data about the water systems in your neighbourhood, at home or at school.

This tool also features the “Places to Go” map where you can locate places that are important to Peel’s water systems. Each place is a potential field trip, and most link to a website.

If you are new to GIS maps, we recommend that you take our GIS Tutorial. The best way to do so may be to print out the Tutorial and read it off the page, following the steps that guide you through the use of our GIS pages.
(43KB, 6 pages)

To begin mapping water systems in Peel, click on the icons for these three maps:

Viewing the GIS maps on the following pages requires the SVG viewer. If the viewer is not installed on your computer, you must put in a Heat Web call for your school technician to come and install it on your computer. The SVG viewer has already been added to the deployment area, accessible to school technicians.

These GIS maps are currently unavailable to DCPDSB computers due to incompatible software. Until this issue is resolved, teachers and students can see these maps using a personal computer.

Viewing the GIS maps on the following pages requires the SVG viewer. If the viewer is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted to do so when you select one of the map options. Select ' OK ' when prompted and you will be taken to the Adobe SVG viewer site.
Select ‘Click Here’ and choose ‘Open’ at the dialog box. After the free installation, you will be returned automatically to the map page.

One of the available water activities is Water Distribution in Peel, Using GIS, which you can access through the Water Activities Web page, or download directly here.

Peel's Planning Atlas

Peel's Planning AtlasThe Regional Planning Atlas is a school resource that provides local geographic information about Peel Region.

It complements the Patterns in Physical and Human Geography strands, in Grades 7 and 8. The Atlas provides information in map, graphic, and textual form to give the reader a geographic perspective on Peel Region and the changes that have occurred over a quarter of a century of local history, since the Region was formed in 1974.

The Atlas is organized around two major themes:

  1. The natural environment and resources
  2. Human settlement within a general theme of natural and administrative regions.

View the Planning Atlas

View a Map of Natural Water Features

View a Map of Human Water Features

Revised: Monday September 21 2015


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View a Map of Human Water Features View a Map of Places to Go