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Peel Water History

The Peel Water Story resource includes a comprehensive narrative that depicts the history of water in Peel, from long before the Ice Age until the present day. Upon reading the story, you too will be an expert on the history of Peelís human and natural water systems. You can download and print the story, either in its entirety, or by sections, using the PDF links below. A hard copy of this book is also available in every school library in Peel.

The Book Online

Click to open Peel Water Curriculum Resources Online

A River Through Time

Scroll through Peel’s A River Through Time illustration for a visual depiction of how our natural water systems are linked to human water consumption through the centuries, from pre-contact First Nations in Peel, to settlement and agriculture, and rural and urban development. Print this colour illustration on to Legal Size paper.

  • Contents and Resource Guide
    (183KB, 7 pages)

  • Introduction
    (275KB, 4 pages)

    1. Gulliver in Lilliput: Experiential
      Education & Childhood
    2. The Incredible Ecotourist
    3. Peel’s “Big Water Ideas” and the Ontario
  • Natural Cycle
    (750KB, 16 pages)

    1. Peel’s Hydrogeologic History
    2. Peel’s Life Zones - Climate and Biodiversity
    3. The Hydrologic Cycle… and Beyond
    4. Peel’s Watersheds

  • Human Cycle
    (2 MB, 54 pages)

    1. First Nations in Peel
    2. First Nations and European Contact in Peel
    3. Settling Peel
    4. Water & Development:The South Peel System

  • Conclusion
    (197KB, 12 pages)

Additional Historical Resources

The Region of Peel takes pride in ensuring that its residents are provided with clean and safe water, free of any pollutants that could jeopardize their health.CholeraHowever, waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid were once widespread in Canada. This gripping narrative chronicles the fight to control these diseases - a fight that continues in developing countries today. Through the pages of Cholera
(914KB, 19 pages), you'll travel back in time to 1832, when cholera sailed on the immigrant ships of the North Atlantic and settled in York and Peel.

Brampton Flood 1948

This Virtual Exhibit are collection of negatives, prints and slides donated to the Archives in 1990. The images were captured by Brampton photographer Cecil Chinn during the 1948 flood of Etobicoke Creek. Chinn served as a professional photographer until his retirement in 1980.

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