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Water and Wastewater

Water Service Connection Fees

Notice to Customers

Please be informed that the Region of Peel Fees By-law No. 55-2017 has been amended to 18-2019 with the approved 2019 Regional Budget.

The Region of Peel is dedicated to improving the provision of services to the customers of Peel. For more information, call 905-791-7800, ext. 7973

Attention: All Water Meter Applicants

Re: New maximum retention period for meter fees, effective January 1, 2019. Please be advised that effective January 1, 2019 the Region of Peel Public Works Department shall retain the meter fee for a maximum of 5 years for all applications.

If a meter has not been requested to be installed within the given retention period, it will then be refunded in full (less the administration fee) to the applicant having made payment. Reapplication can be made at any time thereafter at the current listed rate.

For further information, please contact us at 905-791-5997 ext. 3253.


Effective February 14, 2019

Learn about By-law 18-2019

* Please note that a $250 submission fee will be required at the point of first submission for all Residential applications and $400 for all institutional/Commercial & Industrial applications.

All site servicing drawings must adhere to current Region of Peel standard and must be designed in compliance with wastewater By-law 53-2010.


Change to the Flat Rate Water Service provided by the Region of Peel

Residents requiring construction of a water service are informed that this service is not provided by the Region of Peel.

In an effort to simplify the process and make it more cost effective for customers, the service must be obtained by the customer through an independent plumber/contractor who can provide the entire service connection.

Although plumbers will set their own rates for the work, the following charges may apply:


2019 Costs for 25mm Water Service Fee
Minimum refundable security deposit* $1,500.00
Water inspection and administration $1,345.00
Tapping fee $550.00
19mm water meter $518.00
Minimum Total (including security deposit) $3,913.00


Minimum 2019 Security Deposits Residential *,** Fee
Water Only $1,500.00
Sanitary Sewer Only $1,000.00
Storm Sewer Only $1,000.00
Water and Sanitary Sewer $2,000.00
Water, Sanitary and Storm Sewer $3,000.00


Institutional/Commercial & Industrial (ICI)

Program / Service Description Fee
Administration and Inspection for ICI Connections
Water Service - Inspection in R/A $2,400.00
Sanitary Inspection in R/A $2,400.00
Storm Inspection in R/A (Regional Roads Only) $3,200.00
Hydrant Relocation or Installation in R/A
(Administration and Inspection Fee only)
Water Service - hydrant & valve $2,400.00
Minimum Security Deposits for ICI*, **
Water Only $3,000.00
Sanitary Sewer Only $2,000.00
Storm Sewer on Regular Road $3,000.00
Water and Sanitary Sewer $4,000.00
Water, Sanitary and Storm Sewer $6,000.00
Administration & Inspection Fees
ICI Water Meters
16mm x 19mm T-10 $501.00
19mm T-10 $556.00
25mm T-10 $652.00
38mm T-10 $1,206.00
50mm T-10 $1,360.00
75mm Tru-Flo $4,677.00
100mm Tru-Flo $6,040.00
100mm Protectus $6,820.00
150mm Tru-Flo $11,723.00
150mm Protectus $11,760.00
200mm Protectus $15,288.00
250mm Protectus $20,289.00
For water lines 100mm and greater $400.00
Test and Tap
 Test & tap $550.00
Building Water
Per Unit (Apartments) $5.00
Per Square Meter $0.00538
Per Square Foot $0.0050

Method of Payment: Certified Cheque Only
*The actual security deposit, which may be more than the minimum, will be determined by Peel staff at the time of the application review. Water service upgrades may require a $10,000.00 upgrade security deposit.
**For Regional Roads add $500 for Additional Lanes & Boulevards

*** Installation of services on private property is governed by the Ontario Building Code: approvals and inspections can be made by calling the area municipality, Plumbing Department (City of Brampton, Mississauga, Town of Caledon).

For more information, call the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800, ext. 4409, or e-mail us.

If there are any discrepancies between the information listed on these pages and the user-fee bylaw, the user fee bylaw will take precedence.

Revised: Thursday February 21 2019


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