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Public Works Transportation For Residents Road Maintenance Responsibility
Property damage from roadside maintenance

Please report property damage to our Risk Management Office at 905-791-7800, or riskmanagement@peelregion.ca for assessment.
Call 905-791-7800
to report a pot hole.

Road Maintenance Activities

Road Maintenance

The Regional Municipality Peel continually improves and maintains its roads to keep travellers safe.

During spring, summer and fall, Region of Peel Road Operations and Maintenance staff carry out various activities to extend the years of the Region's roadways and assets.

Two maintenance yards service all these activities on Regional Roads in Peel: the Copper Road Yard in the south and Victoria Yard in the north.

Road and Storm Water Maintenance

By removing garbage and digging ditches, we make sure that water is able to flow freely through storm sewers, catch basins, ditches and culverts along the roadway. Keeping these storm water controls free of debris means less flooding during heavy rains.

Roadside/Boulevard Maintenance

    Litter pick up and grass cutting

    Grass cutting on Regional roadsides and boulevards happens 8 times a year in built-up areas. Roads maintenance staff return to the same area approximately 3 weeks after the last grass cutting. Staff always pick up litter before cutting the grass.

    Safety barriers

    Safety barriers - also known as guardrails - are barriers along the road. Region of Peel Roads staff repair safety barriers damaged by collisions.

    Other roadside maintenance

    Other roadside maintenance includes tree trimming when branches block traffic, fixing/replacing signs and signals, noise wall repair, and shoulder levelling, which smoothes out gravel shoulders in uneven areas.

Roadway Maintenance

  • Street sweeping, filling in pot holes, grinding out roadway rutting, and mending larger patch areas of pavement all take place after the winter to keep Peel's roads smooth for travel.
  • Pavement markings are the yellow and white lines that direct traffic on the roadways. Our road maintenance crews retrace the lines on the road and paint arrows and crosswalks at intersections on a yearly basis.

2016 Street Cleaning Schedule

2016 Right-of-way Grass Cutting Schedule

Revised: Thursday June 02 2016


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