Peel Paramedic Rescues Trapped Skunk

Peel Paramedic Justin Mausz recently rescued a “patient” skunk trapped in a paper ice cream cup outside a community station on Goreway Dr. in Mississauga on Sunday, Aug. 7.

“We saw this poor skunk with a cup on its head,” Justin said.

Suited up in Ebola protective gear, Justin managed to get the cup off the skunk without getting sprayed in the process. Paramedic Ryan Austin, Justin’s partner, was also on scene to capture it all on video.

Jeff Walsh, District Supervisor, said staff found the disoriented skunk wandering the parking lot outside the station. He said the skunk was bumping into the side of the building because it was unable to see where it was going.
After Justin removed the cup, he dashed away to avoid getting sprayed and the skunk scattered in the opposite direction.

“It pulled up its tail and danced around,” he said.

Way to go, Justin and Ryan! Your rescue efforts make us proud.

Check out the video of the rescue mission.

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