Housing Providers, Developers, and Community Partners

This page provides links to information for Housing Providers operating in Peel, as well as resources for Developers interested in partnering with us to create affordable housing in the region.

Other information

As a housing provider delivering subsidized and affordable housing in Peel, you are a valued partner with the Peel community.

Resources for Housing Providers

If you are a housing provider in Peel, access the centralized wait list and resources to help you provide training.

Housing Subsidy Centralized Wait List

If you have a subsidy vacancy, you are required to log into the web portal to access the next applicant from the centralized waiting list.

Networks and Partnerships

Access various reports on Peel's housing initiatives.

Human Services in Peel

We offer many programs and services, including housing, to support residents of Peel.

We want to work with you to build more affordable housing in Peel.

Peel's Housing System Investment Plan (2014-2018) includes $166.5 million to increase affordable housing options.

Affordable Housing Grants, Building Standards and New Developments

Get information on Peel's guiding vision and building standards for new affordable housing developments, and learn about grant opportunities and current development projects.

Affordable Housing Capacity Grants

The Affordable Housing Capacity Grant program is no longer available.

Community Agency Funding

Learn about available funding for community agencies.

Housing Plan and Reports

Get information on Peel's 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan, and current reports about Peel's initiatives to increase affordable housing and prevent homelessness.