Region of Peel - Working for you
Region of Peel - Working for you

Sort These Top 5 Items Right!

Learn how to make a difference when sorting your waste

Many Peel residents are doing a great job of putting their waste in the right place. But, we need your help to ensure that these five items – dishes, clothes, plastic toys, diapers and intravenous (IV) tubes and bags – end up in the right place.

“We’re proud that Peel residents are sorting their waste. Unfortunately, there are some items that people are trying to recycle or compost that our processes aren’t set up to handle,” says Erwin Pascual, the Region of Peel’s Manager of Waste Planning.

“When reusable items end up in the wrong cart, they can’t be reused. Some items ruin properly recycled or composted material. By sorting these top five items right, you can make all of your sorting efforts count and give good reusable items a chance to live on!”

Trash These

Put diapers and IV tubes and bags in the garbage. They are unsanitary and can’t be composted or recycled. Remember: always double-bag home health care waste.

Donate These

Items in good condition – like dishes, clothes and other textiles, and plastic toys – can be donated and reused. You can donate them at:

textile drop-off sheds at the Region’s buildings at 10 Peel Centre Drive in Brampton and 7120 Hurontario in Mississauga.

Watch your mail for a post card to show at a participating reuse store in Peel when you take your donations. You’ll receive a coupon worth $10 or 10 per cent off your in-store purchases.

Check for more information, such as CRC locations.