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Building a Community for Life


Age-Friendly Planning in Peel

Our data shows that, by 2041, the Region's population of seniors is estimated to grow by 200% – but are Peel communities a good place to grow old? 

In response to an increasing aging population in Canada and worldwide, Peel has recognized the need to make communities more age–friendly.  As our population increases and demographics change, car–dependent suburban neighbourhoods pose challenges to the well–being and quality of life of seniors. Challenges may include lack of services, accessibility barriers and social isolation

Learn how the design of communities can support active aging

The good news is that the Region of Peel is planning for a more age–friendly community for the future. 

On February 23, 2017, Regional Council approved an amendment to our Official Plan that brings age–friendly planning criteria to the forefront of our land–use and urban planning. As part of Regional Official Plan Amendment 27 (ROPA 27), the changes emphasize the importance of accessible design and introduce a Healthy Development Framework for evaluating development proposals to ensure we are providing opportunities for healthy living.

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