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Visit PAMA to See the First Canadian-Made TV


Admiral Made the First Canadian TVs in Port Credit

Did you know that Canadian Admiral Corporation Ltd. of Port Credit was the first company to manufacture televisions in Canada? The company went bankrupt 36 years ago, but you can visit the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) to see one of the first TVs that it made here.

Canadian Admiral started making radios in Toronto in 1946, after Vincent Barreca moved from Chicago to found the company. He’d worked with American Admiral Co., which began in 1932.

Canadian Admiral moved to Port Credit in 1947 and Malton in 1948. It finally settled in the Lakeview area of Port Credit in 1950, bought farm land, and opened a plant.

The company built the first factory in Canada to manufacture TVs. At first it made radios, phonographs, and black and white TVS, producing about 25,000 TVs and 50,000 radios a year. Its research staff also designed special TV receivers for hospitals, school, and hotels. It manufactured colour TVs from 1963 to 1976, but quit to focus on its refrigerators. The company declared bankruptcy on November 23, 1981.

See Admiral’s TV “Firsts” at PAMA

The first Canadian TV that Admiral manufactured was model 24A12X. It was a black and white set based on a U.S. model. PAMA displays that model, which sports a “Made in Malton” label.

When Admiral was trying to sell this model to the Canadian public in 1950, Peel residents only had access to one or two channels from Buffalo. CBC-TV did not start broadcasting until 1952.

PAMA also has a portable colour T.V. (model 20C688) in its collection. Admiral manufactured it in the early 1970s, when its plant specialized in colour TVs.

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Admiral's first black and white TV model

Admiral's first black and white TV model – Peel Museum.