Starting in January 2016, your waste will be collected bi-weekly.

Unlike most households in Peel who will receive carts for their garbage and recycling, you will be on a bag-based program.

One week
(organics and recycling)
The other week
(organics and garbage

Not all households will receive carts. If you live in a townhouse complex, you'll use only bags – not carts – for garbage and recycling.

Bi-weekly means that recycling and organics will be picked up one week, then garbage and organics will be picked up the other week.

Bi-weekly bag-based collection will begin the week of January 4, 2016.

Condo corporations, quadruplexes and townhouse complexes are better suited for bagged collection due to:

  • Limited storage space: no ability to store carts at the side of the home.
  • No access to the backyard from the garage.
  • Narrow and/or internal roadways.

Please have your condo corporation contact the Region at if you would like your complex to be considered for cart-based collection. 

We will deliver a new green cart to your home, free of charge, between September-December 2015.

The new organics cart is 100L and comes in one size only.

64 cm
2 ft 1 in
51 cm
1 ft 8 in
99 cm
3 ft 3 in
Organics Cart
organics cart

Your new green cart:

  • Has a unique lock that keeps animals out.
  • Will hold the same amount of organic waste as 2 current green carts or 14 small organics containers.
  • Will be collected weekly.
  • Means you'll have less "smelly" stuff to store.

You should start using your new organics cart the week of January 4, 2016.

When Does It Go

How to Sort Your Waste

  • Green Bin Items
  • Yard Waste Items
  • Blue Bin Items
  • Garbage Bin Items
  • Community Recycling Centres
  • Special Services