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Construction projects in Peel

Every year we take on construction projects to maintain our water, wastewater, Regional roads and transportation systems, and to build new infrastructure.

Water and wastewater work delivers safe and clean drinking water every time you turn on your tap. When you flush your toilet or take a shower, our systems make sure the wastewater goes where is it should.

Roads, transportation and infrastructure work provide safe, reliable and efficient movement for all road users in our community.

Is there a Region construction project taking place in your neighbourhood that you would like some more information about? View a complete list of the watermain, sanitary sewer and Regional road projects.

Major construction projects

Other construction projects in Peel

There may be construction in your neighbourhood that isn’t part of a Region of Peel project. You can view a complete list other construction happening in Peel.

Other information

Ownership and maintenance of infrastructure around your property is divided between the home owner, the city or town and Region of Peel. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance of pipes that fall on the private side of the property line.

Visit the City of Mississauga's Who Owns What page to see a helpful illustration that explains the roles and responsibilities for home owners.

Often when planning projects like road improvements and facility expansions or the installation of a new service the Region will perform a study called an environmental assessment.

Environmental assessments evaluate the impacts to plants, animals, soils, traffic patterns, and to the residents and businesses in the community.

View a list of environmental assessments happening in your community and learn more about the assessment process.

A property owner may initiate a local improvement project. To get started on these projects a letter or application must be submitted to the Region of Peel.

Get details on the process, including who qualifies for this type of work.