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For Immediate Release:
April 12, 2017

Public and Private Sector Leaders Collaborate to End Homelessness in Peel

BRAMPTON, ON (April 12, 2017) - More than 250 leaders and decision-makers from public, private and not-for-profit organizations came together as "One United Voice for Peel" at the Region's Housing and Homelessness Summit on April 4th to share ideas, develop critical relationships and identify innovative opportunities to increase affordable, safe and accessible housing in Peel.

"The Region of Peel is recognized as a leader in affordable housing and it's important for us to bring the right people to the table to continue to advocate for innovative housing solutions in Peel," said Regional Councillor and Human Services Section Chair Martin Medeiros.

The event featured a panel discussion with her worship Mayor Linda Jeffery of Brampton, his worship Mayor Allan Thompson of Caledon and her worship Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie who shared their respective municipality's perspectives on the importance of increasing affordable housing.

Avi Friedman, Professor of Architecture at McGill University and world-renowned housing innovator, provided a keynote speech in which he challenged attendees to think outside-the-box when developing affordable housing options and policy. He provided compelling examples from around the world of cities that have adopted innovative solutions for high-density and mixed use spaces.

The diverse range of stakeholders in Peel's housing sector joined together in breakout sessions to focus on how to influence lasting, impactful change for affordable housing in Peel communities. Stakeholders included:

  • Senior representatives from the federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments
  • Not-for-profit housing providers and developers
  • Not-for-profit service organizations
  • Residents

"We were encouraged by the shared passion of the attendees to make affordable housing a critical issue," said the Region of Peel's Commissioner of Human Services Janice Sheehy. "Building a Community for Life in Peel must include sustainable affordable housing and we look forward to using the insights from today to help inform our bold 10-year plan to end homelessness and ensure everyone has a home in Peel."

Learn more about the Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan at:

"We were also pleased to hear the provincial and federal governments' commitments to long-term affordable housing funding and strategies," added Medeiros.

The conversation was captured on Twitter at the hashtag #PeelHousing Summit.

Peel's Housing Facts

Almost one in five (17%) families and individuals live in poverty in Peel. That is why increasing affordable housing is a priority in the Region of Peel's new Strategic Plan (2015-2035).

Did You Know?

The Region administers close to 20,000 units of subsidized housing stock. To apply for subsidized housing, visit us at http://peelregion.ca/housing/social/

Labour Market and Employment

  • Peel's 2016 unemployment rate was 7.3% (higher than Ontario at 6.5%)
  • 14.3% of youth (15-24 years old) in Peel are unemployed (quarterly average October - December 2016)
  • Precarious employment has become an increasing concern in recent years


  • 12,580 households were on Peel's centralized waiting list for subsidized housing (July 2016)
  • Average wait time: 6.42 years
  • The vacancy rate across all rental unit types fell to 1.4% by end of December 2016
  • The Region and its partners have made strong progress in increasing the availability of affordable housing since December 2016:
    • The Region's 205-unit Hansen Project, developed in partnership with Supportive Housing in Peel, is complete and fully occupied
    • Forty condo units were purchased to make them quickly available as affordable rental units
    • Twenty-five applications were approved under the Peel Renovates Second Units Renovation Assistance Program. The popular program, along with the Home Renovation Assistance program, re-opened in April. Find more information at: peelregion.ca/housing/peelrenovates/. The Second Units Renovation program provides funding to low-to-moderate income residents to renovate an existing second unit to bring it up to building code and to register it

Emergency Shelters

  • 14,861 people used emergency homeless shelters in 2016
  • Recently, the Region announced the opening of a 30-bed youth shelter to serve the needs of young people experiencing homelessness
  • A longer-term review and strategy for homelessness is underway

Population Pressures

  • Peel continues to grow by almost 20,000 new residents each year
  • Seniors made up 10% (one in 10) of Peel's population in 2011 and are projected to make up 19% (almost one in five) of the population by 2031
  • Increasing diverse and aging population creates increasing service demands

The Region of Peel works with residents and partners to create a healthy, safe and connected community for life for more than 1.4 million people and approximately 143,000 businesses in the cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon. Peel's services touch the lives of residents every day. For more information about the Region of Peel, explore peelregion.ca and follow us on Twitter at @regionofpeel.


Media Contacts:

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Communication Specialist
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, ext. 4674

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