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A resource to start the conversation
about drug use and abuse.
Advice for Parents

.::: Online Parent Modules

Talk Early. Talk Often.

Start the Talk about Drugs online parent modules now.

You are one of the most important influences in keeping your kids drug free. These free, interactive Talk about Drugs online parent modules provide simple strategies for talking with your children about drugs, including alcohol.

Starting the conversation at a young age is important, however it is never too late to start talking. The Talk about Drugs online parent modules give practical ways to engage your child in conversations about drugs and keep those conversations going as they grow. Talk early. Talk often.

Is your organization considering using the Talk about Drugs online parent modules with your clients? Download our Facilitator’s Guide for support in facilitating a program using the modules.

Module 1: Helping Your Children Stay Drug Free

This module will introduce some very basic drug related information - the types of drugs, names and classes of different drugs. Second, this module will describe the risks and dangers that drugs pose to children, such as the long and short term side effects of drug use. Lastly, it will provide parents with strategies to help engage their children and family in meaningful dialogue, which will build foundational communication important to family health.

Launch module 1 [ Module 1 - text version ]

Module 2: Talking about Drugs with Your Children as They Grow

This module will examine the developmental stages that children go through, and provides tips for talking to your children at different ages.

Launch module 2 [ Module 2 - text version ]

Module 3: So You Think Your Teen is Using Drugs

This module will help parents understand the subtle signs and changes in their children's behaviour, which may point to drug use. It also provides strategies on how to ensure open and honest communication.

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Module 4: Talking with Your Children about Alcohol

This module takes an in-depth look at alcohol, a drug commonly used by children in our community. Parents will learn how to set boundaries, along with their legal obligations when hosting events in their home.

Launch module 4 [ Module 4 - text version ]

Module 5: Talking with Your Children about Marijuana

This module takes an in-depth look at marijuana, a drug commonly available in our community. Parents will learn about the legal implications of marijuana possession and the ways in which they can set boundaries for their children who may be using it.

Launch module 5 [ Module 5 - text version ]


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